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As a rookie last season Youth Chad Thomas Jersey , Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey had 117 carries for 435 yards and two touchdowns. This year the Panthers see McCaffrey getting a bigger workload.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera told ESPN.com he wouldn’t be surprised if McCaffrey reached 200 carries this season. That matches what Rivera said in June, when he said he’s looking forward to seeing McCaffrey run between the tackles more, as he did in college.

McCaffrey is looking bigger and stronger this offseason, which might help him carry a bigger load. Although C.J. Anderson has arrived and will take over some of the running workload, McCaffrey is likely to be the starting running back.

The 22-year-old McCaffrey also caught 80 passes and returned 22 punts and three kickoffs last season, so if he keeps up that production in the passing game and on special teams, he could be looking at a 300-touch season in 2018. That’s what the Panthers envisioned when they drafted McCaffrey, and that’s what they want to see this season.

Teams make mistakes all the time, unfortunately 15 teams made poor decisions this offseason. There is so much pressure teams when it comes to free agency, considering players can come off the boards at any moment. Unfortunately Authentic Matt Murray Jersey , with that rush to get a player before another team, some teams may not fully think decisions through. And of course, there are teams who may believe a player is a right fit, although there鈥檚 a better fit out there.

Pressure from fans, players, coaches, and other people around the league. It鈥檚 uncontrollable, it鈥檚 the Super Bowl for those in the front office. While the season goes on and these guys can sit back and relax a little bit, players go out and play their hearts out. Everything the front office works on to bring guys to the team, and drafting guys all lead up to the season. And then Authentic Vita Vea Jersey , there鈥檚 those players who may be a decent fit, but the price tag may not necessarily fit what the players actually deserve.

So, instead of just looking at the bad decisions that these teams made, we鈥檙e also going to look at the better player that these teams should have signed. During the offseason, there鈥檚 always other options, and sometimes it may be the lesser talented player. Because you never know if the lesser talented player fits better in your system, even if they don鈥檛 have as great of an impact as you need. There鈥檚 so many logistics that go into these decisions, so let鈥檚 just look at some players that teams shouldn鈥檛 have signed, and who they should鈥檝e signed instead.

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