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how to get closer to quran easily
tip #1 learn to read the quran in arabic correctly:
learning to read the quran correctly, would definitely encourage you to recite it on a daily basis without needing to check out the translation of each verse which is time consuming.
we highly recommend you to lean noorania qaida online. that would help you learn to read quran in a step-by-step approach and with a well-structured noorani qaida course.
learning quran for beginners seems to be difficult when you are starting to learn the arabic sounds. however, you will figure out that allah is making it easier for you since you have a pure intention of learning how to read the quran.
we would highly recommend you focusing on the articulation points of the unique arabic sounds while learning noorani qaida online  in order to be able to recite quran beautifully.
most importantly, it’s really crucial to learn quran for kids at a very young age. that would help them learn the quran easily as they do not have a busy life yet!. building a relationship with the book of allah at a young age would definitely increase their iman. enroll in our online quran classes for kids and let your kids enjoy learning the quran.
before getting into a very busy life, your kids need to learn to read quran correctly. the best option to learn quran for kids online is to have native arabic online quran tutor who engages kids with his teaching style to make them love the quran.

tip #2 focus on learning quran tafseer to understand allah’s message
if you want to have such a strong attachment with the book of allah, you would have to understand the meaning of the quran. we highly recommend you to join one of the online tafseer classes, which makes the journey of understanding the quran a lot easier.
you would have to learn the most frequent quranic arabic terminologies to easily get the general meaning of the quranic verses.
you need to join a well-structured online quran tafseer course that has all the most important quranic words mentioned with their meanings in different contexts.
the one who is delivering the quran tafseer classes should be highly qualified to teach tafseer along with some other sciences.
for instance, he should be understanding the arabic grammar, understanding arabic, hadith science, fiqh, and many more.
tip #3 memorize quran for a short time regularly:
in order to get in touch with allah’s message and consistently get rewarded, you need to memorize the quran consistently.
hifz quran for adults can be easier, if they are having a quran memorization plan for consistent practicing of quran hifz.
you can simply learn the most practical techniques of quran memorization for adults with a highly quran hifz teacher.
joining a quran hifz course for adults is a critical step, as you need to make sure that you are memorizing quran daily and most importantly easily in order not to give up memorizing the quran.
tip #4 learn to recite quran with tajweed correctly
if you are learning noorani qaida online perfectly by pronouncing the unique arabic sounds correctly, and most importantly reading real quranic sentences naturally, it would be much easier to learn quran tajweed for beginners.
learning tajweed would definitely help you recite quran same way our prophet muhammad used to read.
allah swt commanded us to recite quran melodiously. that’s why we should all strive to learn quran tajweed to beautify our recitation easily.
the prophet have chosen the companion bilal ( radi allah a’nh ) to call the azan for the first time ever in the history of islam due to his beautiful voice.
you should think of how many times you really enjoyed listening to an imam while performing your salah. that should be encouraging you to start learning quran tajweed today. 
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